Matt with DC16.JPG

Mackie DC16 comes to HSS

Today, we had a look at the prototype of the forthcoming Mackie DC16, and we have to say that we are blown away. Using a DL32R and our favorite audio networking and control protocol (Dante™, duh) we were set up and mixing in seconds with a side of Mackie we've never seen.

Aside from being snappy and elegant, the surface was surprisingly easy to get around on. And with the added benefits of dockable iPads, we felt like we had all the control and freedom to move around our venue that we needed.

The surface also has a 4x4 Dante™ audio interface on the chip, allowing headphone cues and talkback and the like. It never really felt like other "brain-in-the-box" systems to us. With the great feature set of the DL32R we have already come to know, we were really excited about the possibility of a high performance mixer system with recording that was easy to set up and great for permanent or temporary installation.

We will follow up when we have a chance to take it out on a show. For now, we think schools and houses of worship especially should be looking out for this device when it becomes available later this year.